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ShowMeProofs is a cart system designed to help photographers sell photos to their clients. We will soon have two versions of our cart system depending on the features you may need for your business. Both systems allow you to collect your own payments through PayPal and both allow you to set your own pricing.

To use either system you must have your own web site and it must have PHP 5+ installed. You will also need to make sure you have enough storage space in your hosting package to store the images that you want to sell because you will be hosting your own images.

These are the features of each of our photo cart options:

ShowMeProofs Free

  • A simple text file controls your settings and prices
  • Simply upload a folder of images to your site to create a new event
  • The cart runs in an iFrame on your site so your customers never feel like they've left your site
  • Set different pricing for each event or let each event use your default pricing
  • Create sub-groups of images within each event
  • Get simple statistics on your logins, sales and clients
  • You will receive a PDF copy of every order by email
  • Read more about the free system and learn how to sign up here

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